Initial years


The story of DGS began in 2000 when four entrepreneurs came together and founded a company in the label field, which hadn't become a sector yet. They had one goal from day one: Making DGS the best in its sector. With tenacity and very limited resources a small apartment was rented in İstanbul Kartal, and business started initially with ribbon importation, in an office consisting of a table and two chairs. Since they didn't have their own production facilities, they would receive the requests, have other manufacturers produce, and deliver to the customers themselves.

Anatolian roads


They endured difficult times. As they went through these difficulties all four partners were locked on to the same goal with the same alacrity: to Succeed. They were going to create the firm which was needed by the sector, and make their dreams come true. As the initial customers opened doors to other customers, they set off on Anatolian roads in order to find new ones. The number of customers started to increase rapidly. As time passed new coworkers joined their ranks. And with time the apartment where they had first started out became insufficient.

DGS, which grew bigger as it did better business, as the number of team mates increased, as it invested in the system with its earnings, moved to its own building in İstanbul Maltepe after two years, in 2002. This building, which housed the production facilities in the lower floors and the executive offices in the upper floors, became a workplace where nearly one hundred people worked in, and DGS became a honorable firm in its sector. The same year, DGS started manufacturing self-adhesive and multi-colored labels. Their premises were small, but the works they produced were big. They started working with companies which were ranked among the top five hundred largest firms in Turkey. In 2005 they parted ways with one of their partners and continued on as three people.

Quality certified


In 2007, their sensitivity for quality and excellence enabled them to receive two quality certificates. DGS, initially received the "ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate", and a short while later the "EFQM Committed to Excellence" certification.

DGS, which received the "EFQM Competence in Excellence 3*" certification in 2012, as a result of an external assessment carried out by KalDer, increased its existing capacity by 40% in the light of the improvements implemented in the quality management system as well as the innovations made in the equipment pool.

The same year, it became a member of "SEDEX" which is a social audit standard organization providing supply chain audits with its 27.500 members from 150 countries in more than 23 sectors.

In 2014, the certificate of ISO 10002:2004 ISO 10002 Customer Satisfaction and Complaints Handling was obtained by DGS.

Success brought in awards


Success brought in awards with it. When the company won the 7th International Printing Competition Flexo and Best Label Award in 2009 with Sarelle Bitter Chocolate label, the jury evaluation began with "the picture of the chocolate is very realistic and deep". DGS's works regarding quality was crowned in 2011 with the "Top-Quality, Q in Gold" award given by Bosch and Siemens Home Appliance Group to its best suppliers.

It won the Flexo and Best Label Award which it had received in 2009, again in 2012 with "Opet Fullgear EP 90" this time.

The Flexo and Best Label Award for 2013 was again awarded to DGS with "Sırma Lacivert" label.

From today to tomorrow


Today, DGS is successfully manufacturing "adhesive/non-adhesive" and "printed/unprinted" labels which are ready for application in the barcode printers and the special machines it possesses. It has a wide product range that is used in various fields and sectors. It continues to reserve significant budgets to R&D and P&D works in order to meet the various needs of its customers, and produce special solutions for its customers with its production technologies, graphical design works, quality approach and professional team.

This story which began with four people 13 years ago in an apartment continues today in a 5.000 m² area. DGS's name is mentioned together with the leading firms of our country, with its almost one hundred employees and awards and quality certificates which were hanged on the wall one after the other. DGS, which entered 2014 in a new location, bigger and stronger with its investments in new machines, is working with all its strength to become the best in its sector. DMS's signature is on the labels of prominent brands and products of our country.


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