A Never-ending Journey

When we set out to establish DGS Baskı Teknolojileri, we possessed one additional thing along with our experience in the sector: Determination. We knew that we had to continuously grow if we wanted to get better results. If we, as three young, faithful and determined entrepreneurs, succeeded in creating a company that is honored in the label sector, our persistence and insistence regarding our ideals has played a big part in this. "Becoming the best" are three magical words which we adhere to with faith and passion. That's why we have been competing only with ourselves throughout the years. As we continue following those three magical words with determination, we proceed on our path with a team much larger than the day we were first established.

We continue to move forward, without compromising our values or giving up our dreams, and with the same spirit hold on to our goal of becoming the best.

We are operating in a sector that competes with time, designed with a lot of effort progresses with quick and creative solutions, adding value to the produced products and brands. Our customers' sensitivity regarding quality and timing always lights the way for us while putting together our equipment pool, selecting our fellow workers and determining the qualifications of the materials we use.

DGS, which is the first and only firm of its sector to apply the EFQM Model, aims to carry the quality bar even higher. We desire to hang the EFQM Competence in Excellence 5* Certificate on our wall, earn the Turkey Excellence Award, and combine our firm's corporate culture with EFQM Excellence Culture.

We gain our strength from our employees. We have coworkers that possess the same passion with us. We believe that we are a large family which acts within a shared corporate culture. We own a state-of-the-art equipment pool that will produce quick and high-quality solutions for the sector's needs. We give importance to R&D, the training of our team mates, and becoming a solution partner with an integrated service mentality with the consumables and after-sales service support.

The awards we have won are our source of motivation, encouraging us on the road to "becoming the best". Our biggest reward is the loyalty of our customers, with its high ratio. We are completely confident that we will do even greater works together. For DGS, "Customer Satisfaction" means much more than two words. Customer Satisfaction is the invisible report card of DGS. A report card which grows with each new customer and the "A+"s grow in number with the existence of our customers of many years. It is the compass of our never ending journey.

Our company, which is progressive enough to gain inspiration from each new idea and new face that joins our ranks, and determined enough not to stray from the ethical values we hold, will continue to gain its strength from the synergy of its employees and customers.

DGS will continue to be "the unchanging name of the best". We promise you.

Gökhan Ceyhan
Chairman of the Executive Board


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