Human Resources Applications

Selection, Placement and Orientation

The experience and competencies required by the needed duty and responsibility are taken into account when selecting team mates. Predisposition to team work, openness to change and development are considered important. Applications are accepted through e-mail, web site and career sites. Following Selection and Job Placement, the new team member is assisted by two orientation programs: HR and technical orientation. The orientation process ends at the end of the 2 month trial period.

Training and Development

DGS presents to their employees training choices that will support their personal development, as well as help them gain the knowledge, skills and behaviors they will need in order to improve their work. DGS, aims for its employees to possess the skills necessary to apply all of these in their own lives.

Performance Assessment

The foundation of DGS Human Resources Application consists of making contribution to the personal and career development of its employees. Therefore, the employees are encouraged to set career goals. Care is given that the executive positions are primarily selected from within the corporation.

Career Planning and Talent Management

For DGS, supporting, monitoring and assessing the development of the employees, creating vertical and horizontal development opportunities together with the contributions they make to themselves and the corporation takes place near the top among the goals and duties of the Human Resources Applications.

Human Resources

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