Human Resources Policy

DGS selects team mates, not professionals. Because it believes that a team consisting of people focused on the same future can accomplish anything. DGS, which is renewed with each new co-worker and inspired with every creative idea, does not make any concessions to the ethical values it possesses while it maintains its innovative quality. IT gains its strength from the togetherness of its employees and its customers.

The main goal of DGS Human Resources Policy is to implement and develop the systems and processes which will bring the effectiveness and efficiency of the employees to the highest level in a continuously changing and developing world. Within this scope, it select creative team mates who desire to develop themselves, and assign eh correct human resource to the correct position. By keeping motivation levels high, it strengthens the sense of belonging of the team mates. It aims to continuously develop the co-workers, in personal and technical aspects. It performs performance assessments through a fair and objective performance system and rewards success. By performing an effective career planning for the human resource it has, it combines all of these processes with technology in order to increase the efficiency and provides a suitable working environment.

Human Resources

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