Our Journey In Quality

On this road which we set off in order to become the best in the packaging and labeling sector, the steps we took in matters of quality and excellence were our best travel friends which led us to success. Keeping up with the changing and developing production technologies, to be able to cope with the ever increasing competition, perpetuating customer satisfaction, being in harmony with its employees and business partners, sharing the earnings with the community by making environmentally-conscious production are keys that will bring success to any firm that possesses them and desires to become the best in its sector. These keys open the “excellence and quality” locks skillfully, and also add value to the business you do.

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DGS, which signed the “International Quality Movement Good Will Declaration” with KalDer which performs works towards promulgation of the Total Quality Management throughout the country in order to perpetuate the successes and meet the expectations of the shareholders at the highest level during this quality and excellence journey, executes Management Systems and Total Quality Management applications together.

DGS also presents the documents required by ISO/TS 16949 to its customers, along with its works which are in compliance with TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Control System. By synchronizing the solutions it provides for the special requests of its customers which are specific to their sector with its system, it skillfully combines experience and expertise.

DGS, which earned the right to receive the “ISO 9001 Quality Management System Document” during the “Work Excellence” journey which it started in 2007, has given priority to works regarding quality since 2007. DGS, which in November 2007 earned the right to receive the EFQM (European Foundation of Quality Management) Committed to Excellence Certificate, which was the first fruit of its Total Quality Management works, knows that the documents and certificates it has earned are road signs that indicate the correctness of the road leading to success.

DGS, which increased its level of excellence another notch by receiving the “Competence in Excellence Certificate 3*” in November 2012, as a result of its management through processes mentality, activities that look out for shareholder satisfaction and the social responsibility projects that were realized, continues its works with the goal of earning EFQM Competence in Excellence 5* Certificate.

DGS is the first and only establishment in its sector that implements the EFQM Excellence Model together with its product and service quality. In line with its vision to become a solution generating, leading and innovative company, it performs works that will set examples for the sector and with the same eagerness continues on its journey of excellence as it enlarges its goals.

The basic characteristic of DGS, which distinguished it in our country’s packaging and labeling sector, is that in addition to label production, it provides supplementary services and ensures customer satisfaction with its quality of being an integrated solution partner.

DGS, which has increased the corporate awareness related with the excellence culture even more, together with the fellow workers which have set their eyes on the same horizon and which share the same ideals, in addition to the continuous business development activities, continues on its way with determination, with faith in becoming the best in its sector.

DGS, which works to transform the excellence and quality concepts to excellence and quality culture, and to make it a part of the corporate culture, and in this scope;

  •  Determines its aspects that are open to improvement as well as its strong aspects through periodic self-assessment studies. Creates activity plans related with its aspects that are open to improvement and periodically reviews the process performances,
  •  Creates data networks making use of the advantages provided by information technologies and works within fast-safe information flow.

As an establishment that cares for the environment and people;

  •  It adopts complying with the legal regulations and environmental standards in all of its activities as a principle. It ensures that its employees work in an environmentally-conscious manner.
  •  Occupational Health and Safety is the topmost priority of DGS. DGS management places great importance in providing a healthy and safe working environment for its employees, who it sees as its most valuable asset.
  •  DGS aims to support its employees in behaving in a more conscious manner in issues related with Occupational Health and Safety, through trainings arranged under the direction of an Occupational Health and Safety expert.
  •  It aims to implement an effective system that prevents all possible work accidents and occupational diseases and determines the occupational health – safety risks. It ensures that the strong points are maintained and developed and the weak points are improved. It aims to manage dangers and thus create a culture which supports its employee in the corporation.
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Our Journey In Quality

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