Our Quality Policy

DGS Printing Technologies foresees the impacts of its activities on the environment, nature and future of human beings, respects economic, environmental and social aspects and analyzes their consequences. In all its relations and activities with all stakeholders, it acts in accordance with its corporate values.
To meet the needs and expectations of its clients optimally, DGS:

  •  has specialized staff working with team spirit.
  •  offers innovative and inclusive working environment.
  •  strives to provide its clients with high quality products and services.

It fulfills the requirements of ISO 9001 Quality Management System standard and adopts the EFQM excellence model management concept. So, it reviews and improves all its processes continuously.

Customer Satisfaction Policy

DGS Printing Technologies recognizes customer satisfaction as the essential principle of quality concept. It works with a professional team to generate solutions for possible problems and to increase customer satisfaction.

  •  Transparency-Objectivity: Complaints, requests and suggestions are treated with high confidentiality, sensitivity and objectivity.
  •  Accessibility: For complaints, requests and suggestions, call telephone number 0216 442 20 00 or send e-mail to info@dgs.com.tr.
  •  Responsiveness: Within 24 hours after being recorded by customer relations department, applications are forwarded to application record owner via e-mail and a record number.
  •  Accountability: Complaints are recorded and information is provided to the concerned parties upon request. Complaints, requests and suggestions are evaluated by the relevant teams in the company.
  •  Continuous Improvement: Improvement areas are considered based on the philosophy of continuous improvement during the application evaluation process for the purpose of ensuring better management of the process.

It fulfills the requirements of ISO 10002 customer satisfaction system standard and reviews and implements improvements related with the complaints and suggestions.

Environmental Policy

DGS Printing Technologies aims to operate with environment-friendly human resources and products based on the sustainability principle. In all its relations and activities with all stakeholders, it foresees environmental impacts and mitigates the impacts as a result. It priorities contribution to the environment and society in social responsibility activities.

  •  Compliance with Laws: Operates in accordance with the relevant environmental laws and regulations.
  •  Use of Natural Resources: Takes all necessary actions to reduce the consumption of natural resources such as electricity, water, natural gas etc. during its activities.
  •  Waste Management: Minimizes waste generated from its activities, recycles appropriate waste to reduce adverse impacts on the environment and disposes of inappropriate waste.
  •  Environmental Impact: Considers environmental aspects in all its investments and purchases.
  •  Environmental Awareness: Provides training to increase environmental awareness of all its employees.
  •  Monitoring Environmental Performance: Monitors the performance of its activities related with the environment. Environmental impacts are measured.

It fulfills the requirements of ISO 14001 environmental management system standard and reviews and implements the improvements in the system and process in relation with the activities that have impacts on the environment.

Our Journey In Quality

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